Most Famous Treks in the World


Whether you’re new to the world of trekking, or an avid trekker already, browsing treks online is one way to stay motivated. We will cover the most famous treks in the world.

Given the arduous nature of the sport, it is only natural to experience dips in willpower every now and then.

Treks are far more difficult than hikes and can last anywhere between a few days to longer than a month. But there is a magic to trekking that keeps trekkers coming back for more, a sense of adventure that comes hand in hand with new experiences.

Not only do treks take you through the most breath-taking scenery, but you can push your body to the max as well.

In the list of “What Are The Most Famous Treks in the World” we will find:

  • Everest Base Camp Trek
  • Himachal Pradesh –  Indian Himalayas
  • The Haute Route
  • Baltoro Glacier
  • Camino de Santiago
  • Ciudad Perdida
  • Torres del Paine
  • Inca Trail

Let’s know more about most famous treks in the World…


Perhaps the most famous trek in the world, and reaching a height of 5500m, the walk to Mount Everest base camp is more difficult than it may sound. The trek takes between two and three weeks to complete, and offers an enchanting exploration of winter wonderland.

The trail weaves through several charming mountain villages, and porters are available via the Sherpa tribespeople. Given the high altitude of the trek, trekkers may experience dizziness until altitude has been acclimatized to. Peak season sees its fair share of crowds, but the accomplishment is worth the bunfight.




Most Famous Treks in the World

Backpacking the Himilayas is every trekker’s dream, and the mountain offers a wide variety of routes to choose from. For those of you looking to escape the hustle and bustle of mainstream treks, try finding a route in Himachal Pradesh. The Indian side of the Himalayas boasts treks as long as 24 days, all the way from Spiti to Ladakh.

The incredibly tough and isolated walk takes trekkers through remote areas, along century-old trade routes. The desert terrain showcases significantly high altitude levels – and, needless to say, training is required.


Most Famous Treks in the World

Trailing all the way from France through the Alps to Switzerland, the Haute route passes through southern Valais (the main valley of the Alps). The route is known for its heights as well as the beautiful countryside in the summer. The Haute route takes a different turn during winter, when it is transformed into the famous Haute ski route.

The winter Haute route is approximately two weeks in duration, and involves a lot of pass hopping. Pass hopping is the art of exploring the different passes, taking in the exquisite environment of each one. The route requires a high degree of fitness.


Baltoro Glacier is a passageway of ice, leading to the peak of K2 – the second highest mountain in the world. This unrivaled Pakistan trek showcases some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in the world.

The trail begins by following icy rivers into the heart of the Baltoro Glacier, whereafter the path leads to the mountains. There are shorter routes to choose from as well, so long as you have registered with an official tour operator.


Top Treks Around the World

This 750 km pilgrimage route has been around since the Middle Ages, and is no less popular today. The route traces the path taken from Jerusalem, to transport the remains of St James, to Camino Santiago. Trekkers can choose the duration of their journey, and the route has eight different starting points.

This means that trekkers, or pilgrims, can choose their route based on personal interests. The trail winds through the Spanish countryside, known for its charming towns and beautiful vineyards. After completing the pilgrimage, trekkers are given a “Compostela” or certificate as a reward. You don’t need to be religious to take part in the Camino, but you’re sure to have an incredible experience.

Camino de Santiago must do treks in the world. Will do trekking there?


The Ciudad Perdida trek leads trekkers into the Lost City of Teyuna, through dense jungle terrain. The city was built 650 years prior to Machu Picchu, by the Tairona civilization. As a result of the beautiful jungle scenery, the trail has an ethereal vibe to it, and is fairly remote.

In fact, the nearest populated area (Palomino beach town) is several hours away. The 44km trek takes between four and six days to complete.


The Inca Trail is a fairly short trek, but it is among the most famous in the world. The 43 km trek takes between four and six days to complete. Leading to the archeological site of Macchu Picchu, the Inca Trail weaves through breath taking and rocky terrain.

This trek typically begins in Cuzco, and packages include porters, meals, and camping resources. Bear in mind that the trek may induce altitude sickness, as it takes place above 3000m. The trek is recommended for intermediate trekkers only.


Top Treks Around the World

The Torres del Paine National Park is situated between the Patagonian steppes and the Andes mountains. The trek is famous for its gorgeous views and turquoise peaks, stemming from glaciers home to endangered species. One of the more popular trails for exploring the region is the W-Circuit.

The W-Circuit is a 100km trek, that typically takes between five and six days to complete. Another great trail in Torres del Paine is the O Trek, which a longer version that takes up to twenty-four days to complete.


If you ask advanced trekkers what the best trek in the world is, each will give an answer as unique as the human personality. But despite the wide variety of opinions, some treks are more famous than others. The above treks have been selected based on popularity and the challenge factor.

No matter how different the terrain and the weather, one thing is for sure –treks are not for the faint-hearted. In fact, each of the treks listed will require a significant degree of fitness and training. That being said, most trekkers will agree that the reward is worth the sacrifice.

But surely there are the best treks in the world for beginners and we will write about them here on our website.

After knowing best places to trek and the most famous treks in the World, when will you go to one of them?

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