Eco Friendly Paints

What Do You Need to Know About Eco Friendly Paints?

Paints leak the solvents into the atmosphere during the treatment and evaporation process. You recall our articles on solvents correctly?

The discharge into the atmosphere of these VOCs can trigger impacts from ozone depletion to smog and yes to global warming as well.

In recent years public feelings have only increased, and the new revolution will not end, unlike the 1990s when green paints were bombs.

The key issue, however, is that painting specialists claim that even though vendors declare that both paintings without VOCs and paintings do not work. They claim that to get the same finish they need more coats and that they don’t last long.

With VOCs related to asthma and dizziness however, there is only increasing public demand and the business can only react.

Latex Paints based on water with an acrylic resin serving as binding agent are also the solution. Besides being ecological, with water no VOCs, latex paints offer numerous additional benefits over conventional paints, such as washing and greater opacity (Ability to completely cover another color).

Naturally, water-based paints do not use Latex to paint iron, since they would accelerate the reinforcement process. Yet there is a clear tendency towards latex paints and wherever new inventions emerge.

The name Green Paints can indicate not only to the open effects of the paint itself but also the method of manufacture used to get the ingredients of the paint.

Titanium dioxide, for example, is commonly utilized in colors due to its whiteness and its high hidden capacity. This refers to the material’s refractive index. If the reflection index is high, when dispersed in a solvent, it will offer more opacity.

However, titanium dioxide is produced via methods known as sulphate and chloride that resulted in the formation of diluted sulfuric acid.

These have been scattered into the water, leading to discussions over whether this was appropriate or not. Their purpose was also to discharge into the water any compounds which have been dissolved in acid.

Titanium dioxide reacts with smog when it is used as an external coating, aside from more efficacious production techniques.

Titanium Dioxide was also categorized as IARC Group 2B carcinogen by the International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC), which implies that it is probably a carcinogen that promotes cancer in humans. Titanium dioxide is still often used, though.

Because of the significant environmental and health impacts that paints may have directly and indirectly, Eco Friendly paints have an important impact on the industry and also change our vision of paints.

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